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Monday, 22 July 2013

Brandy Pitt has found a bar
Of magic soap today.
Anything she scrubs with it
Just vanishes away.

She washed away her homework,
And scrubbed away her dinner,
Then lightly washed her tummy.
(She wanted to be thinner.)

Then, just a little off her rear…
To help her old jeans fit...
Oops—scrubbed too hard, so now she's known
As Brandy, "The Bottomless Pitt."

© Shane D. Williams

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Cleaning my room is fantastic!
Eating my veggies is great!
I love getting smooched by Aunt Bertha;
Her slobber is simply top rate!

It's magical doing the dishes!
Mowing the lawn is the best!
I love doing mountains of homework,
And studying for my math test!

I love getting poked by the doctor!
I simply adore Daddy's feet!
My teacher's the best teacher ever!
My sister is pretty and sweet!

Hold on, now – this still isn't working!
It's not meant to be, I suppose...
I fibbed and I fibbed, like Pinocchio did,
But I still have this short, stubby nose!

© Shane D. Williams

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